Can anyone recommend a website that has the full set of IFRSs and IASs with examples?

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Use this link:


These are the IFRS/IAS set by the Singapore agent, they are identical to the IFRS/IAS.  Other sources are many times only summary which are not covering all details.

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Dear all,
Earlier i asked about IAS 20, “Government Grants” but i think i was not able to convey my querry properly. Let me ask the same again with an illustration:
  • Suppose an entity (A) which is owned by Government (B).
  • Another Government (C) provide a donation in kind (in the shape of assets).
  • Will this grant be accounted for under IAS-20?, or,
  • Whether the grant is excluded from the scope of IAS-20 (through exclusion paragraph)?
Please let me guide about treatment of this grant.