Please any body can give the suggession to calculate the deferred tax under following situationThe company earned profit after tax in 2006 100 m , 2007 112 m & 2008 85m and tax rate was 30%, 35% and 30% respectively. at the end of 2008 the company given the jurnal of prior years adjustment of tk 10 m relation to 2006 of 5m 2007 of m . the company does not calculate the deferred tax in any of the previous year.


under above circumstances how deferred tax will be calculated

ThanksDear Md zak, 

I am unable to understand your query. For calculation of deferred tax, IFRS requires balance sheet method. For this, I would require the details of your balance sheet like WDV of assets, Provisions created, etc. Also, the same details would be required wrt accounts prepared under taxation rules applicable.
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