Dear All,


Recently my company has entered into a lease agreement with a leasing company. This lease is for 18 months and we have to pay 18 equal installments and an interest @ 16%. However, we will give to them a loan/security deposit of equivalent principal amount and they will give it back to us also in 18 equal installments @ 15%.

Now my question is what do we call the deposit that we are making. It is certainly not cash as we have no accounts with the leasing company and the amount is no readily convertible/useable. We are getting interest @ 15%, so it is not an advance or prepayment or security deposit. Therefore, can you please help?

Is the repayment with interest from them guaranteed or is there a situation in which you could forfeit the monies paid? 


Sorry for late reply…… The repayment is guaranteed and there are no scope for forfeiting the money. However, there was no security taken from them in return. No promissory notes were signed, just their signed letter that they will repay us in due time.