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I am a semi-retired accounting professional with 14 years of consulting experience in IT and securities settlement systems and 15 years of industry experience principally in the financial services sector (banking, trust and investment dealers).  In order to continue to be productive, at least on a part-time basis, I am interested in acquiring sufficient knowledge about the transition to IFRS reporting to offer my services on a consultative basis.  My principal market will be in Canada which is transitioning to IFRS by 2011, however, I would also like to work overseas with developing countries who might be implementing international accounting standards for the first time.

Could the members of this forum direct me to any resources that would allow me to gain this knowledge?  For example, I am interested in web based or distance learning courses on this topic as well as other forums, groups or publications that would further my knowledge in this area.  How would you recommend that I position myself in order to provide meaningful service to companies who are faced with the task of implementing these new standards?

Thank you for your time and valuable input.


Hi Paul,

For Canada, you can refer to – this is a site run by my group.  There is a resource tab with information.  We have a regular newsletter on updates, let me know if you are interested in subscribing.

Also, if you want to do specific training, you can access free training from, or the CICA sells training from the Institute of CAs in England and Wales. – follow through to continuing education.

Where in Canada are you located?  You can email me directly at





Dear Paul, Appreciate your interest in keeping yourself busy with the latest developments!

For the benefit of the forum members, I would like to express that P2P Accounts would be making serious efforts in 2008-2009 to/> evolve into a fully compliant software that enables IFRS reporting especially
for SMEs. Even while IFRS-SME draft is expected to be out in mid-2008 the IFRS
list members are welcome to send request for features to be incorporated in P2P
Accounts that can help global SMEs in their business related accounting and

Paul, you may like to take special interest in P2P Accounts as we are already
receiving comments from Canadian users who are looking to switch from software
like Simply Accounting on Windows XP to P2P Accounts on Ubuntu. Being an early
adopter may help you in your consulting gigs!

Best wishes for 2008.



Dear Rajesh,

Is P2P Accounts attached with a special legal, tax and accounting
environment of US, EU and Canada, or would it be also suitable for
emerging economies like Georgia?


Dear Lado, At present P2P Accounts is *very* generic and highly configurable in terms of
Chart of Accounts, taxation and reporting. It is being made suitable for
Singapore, ASEAN, EU and other countries like India that have resolved to
transition to IFRS by 2011.

Should you have any specific requests pertaining to Georgia please write an
email to P2P Accounts directly.

The vision for P2P Accounts is to provide a FREE (at least for 2 users) yet
sophisticated, fully functional accounting software for developing countries as
well as for small businesses in developed markets and cover at least 150
countries that are committed to transition to IFRS by 2012.

Hope this helps. Shall we take further discussions pertaining to this software
off the list as I do not wish to hijack the core purpose of this list 🙂

Thanks everyone for your interest.

Dear Paul,
The link below is a free site which contains all the information that are you going to need about IFRS.
The following link contains free e-learning courses that you can download to your computer or if you prefer access them online.
You just have to fill it out the fields marked with a * and you’ll have full access to the courses. Enjoy it!
Best Regards