Dear IFRS List Folks
Hi I am a  Professor of Accounting at The University of Texas at EL Paso. I have been reading the many emails on this list and I wonder if any of you might be willing to tell me how the change to IFRS from their own GAAP has affected Debt covenants?
Thanks and Regards

Hi Stephen,

regarding  to your request,  I don´t see any change on Debt covenants after IFRS application in Slovakia.  
However I´m not sure I understand your question correctly.  Could you describe deeper that case ?
I´m from  Slovakia (Midd Europe). We became a member of European Union   couple years ago and so we have had to implement IFRS into our legislation.  Non listed companies don´t use IFRS, just consolidated groups have to apply standards. Companies in bussines combinations with foreign capital use US GAAP or IFRS   just for internal reporting for mother companies. For statutory purposies they report under national standards.
Right now I´m doing  PhD with this topic (IFRS –  US GAAP and their affect on national standards.   I will appreciate to  keep chat about these affects on national standars. – this is answer on your 2. mail relating to participation in a project.

Hi Maria
I was wondering if in some countries the change in GAAP causes ratios  or working capital to change resulting in debt covenant default or changes. ?
Lets chat some more about this.