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Our company has constructed a building which is to be our Head office. As part of improvements made on the buildings land, management decided to put up a garden with orchards and both Traditional and exotic trees. The garden is to beatify the environment as part of the environmental degradation measures and also enable the staff to go and relax. Out of the expenses so far incurred its felt we capitalize such expenses. I have gone thru the IAS 41 on agriculture where by they can be taken as biological asserts. Please can somebody guide on how they have treated such expenses.




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Does anybody has any good reference for which kind of costs can be deferred thinking about a financing company which handles auto loans?
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should be treated as PPE.







Just as part of your investment in your HO, nothing fancy, I would suggest.






Just follow IAS16 PP&E. This is not IAS41 Agriculture. You’re not going to harvest the garden I hope :-).





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Could anybody help me with the following issue:
The bank where I work, has introduced Fees Installment Loans and Commercial Loans (Disbursement Fee, Commitment Fee others).
During the year, we have generated about 1 mln USD revenue from these Fees but they were accounted on cash basis. Now the external auditor is telling us the according to IFRS we have to accrue those fees according to tenors of loan instruments to which they are attached.
So we have to delay the recognition of about 0.8 mln USD revenue for 2007. The fact is that minority shareholder is exercising his exit option on pre agreed multiple that will be attached to the book value of equity, the delay of the revenue is jeopardizing the book value of the equity.
The question is: Do you agree that in case of exercising the right of exit, under pre agreed shareholder agreement, those Fees still be recognized for 2007 (since they are not an assumption but they are contractual), not in IFRS Annual Fin. Report, but for minority shareholders book value of his part of equity. 



One more issue (if I can do this with the mandate that the forum has).
Would anybody have explanatory material in English (presentation for example) on Deferred Tax Liabilities and Assets?



I work in the deferred tax area.  Can you be more specific about what you’re looking for?  I had previously sent out a link which has a list of the income tax disclosures (




s_12/) under IAS 12.  Are you looking for something more technical around temporary differences, or specific types of deferred tax items?  Feel free to email me directly and I’ll try to help if I have anything.