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I am a young chartered accountant from India presently working in a reputed engineering company at Baroda, India. In the long run I plan to start a consulting firm focused on IFRS implementation and compliance. In the medium term I plan to get an international exposure particularly in South East Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia etc. As Indian CA is not recognized as such in those countries I plan to take up international qualifications like ACCA or Singapore CPA although I still have to inquire whether it is possible to do those courses from India.

What I wish to know is whether there is any course or something like that from the IASB itself or from any other recognized institutes-associations that can help me get a better insight into the IFRS as well as establish my credibility internationally as a professional. Alternatively, in absence of any such courses, what should I do to meet my objectives.

Please guide.

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Hi patel,

I am a practising CA specialising in IFRS and presently the technical coordinator for IFRS  certificate course  conducted by ICAI in India.

You can do an online course from ACCA of UK and write the online exam and get qualified for certIFRS .



Dear All,

I come from Georgia, South East Europe, and work as Head of Finance at leading bank. In few months I will be leaving the bank to start my own Corporate Finance Boutique in this country, I need to partner up with someone prominent in IFRS and perhaps with audit and accountant experience. Anyone that would be interested to team up with me (we can discuss details privately) on contract basis or other arrangement, please let me know. 

Hi Lado,

Are you interested in teaming up with others from other countries?

Dear Grace,


It could something who could interested me












Dear Lado,

What are you trying tro do, start accounting firm, or you have cnetwork and need consultant to work with you on contract basis.
This sound interesting, visit my profile, and we can discuess mutual interest.
I am former Big 4, Bilingual, CPA, MBA over 15 years of international experience gained in the US and overseas with substantial strategic, financial, and management experience. Strong leadership and analytical skills, exposure to complex business structures, SOX, external and internal audit functions for multi-national companies in US and worldwide.
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I am from Asia, a Certified Accountant from Ernst and Young.

Hey all,

Let me also know about whats the details.
I would too like to join and may be we all can buid someithing at global level.

Dear Grace.

I am a Chartered Accountant in India specialising in IFRS. You are in India or some other part of Asia

Hi ,

Can you send the details of this programme and online link.
I would like to go for this.

Dear all

I am a Chartered Accountant in India and having additional qualification of Company Secretary & Law graduate.
I am interested to create a team to work in Finance, Accounts, Audit & Legal in different countries. My location is in North India about 250 kilometres from Delhi.
Thanks & Regards

I am a professional accountant from Italy, interested in building up an international network.


I am from the Philippines with experience in IFRS and US GAAP.


You can email me at mmd_0924 at hotmail.com. We can discuss.

I am corporate finance senior manager at commercial bank (trying to put up a corporate finance porffesional service firm in few months) in Georgia, South East Europe.

Would be interested to join the network.

To all whom concerned,


I am IFRS specialist involved in implementing and applying IFRS for a commercial real estate bank in the Netherlands, Europe and would be interest in joining the network also,





I have an advisory group that specializes in assisting Canadian companies with the transition from Canadian GAAP to IFRS (scheduled for 2011).  If members need assistance with clients or companies having Canadian subsidiaries, please let me know.  More information is available at www.IFRSinCanada.com.


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Dear all,

It would be best if we could have a private venue for this discussion so as to formalize our plans.

Hi All

Im Management accountant of one of largetst banks in Moambique.
This is something that could interest me. Im interested to deeper my knowledge of IFRS!
Kind regards

           Iam kartik sharma . I have done my MBA in the field of finance & it , so right now iam searching for the job .so will u help me . If there is any job for me . For that iam very thank full to u

i am an executive recruiter in canada. we have a client in alberta who’s currently looking for an IFRS Manager. we need someone with experience in implementation. they will sponsor immigration for the right candidate. if you are interested, kindly forward a full updated resume to daphne@techhi.com. please indicate a phone number and a good time for me to call and i will touch base with you.



Dear Sir
i am a university student studying accounting and finance and am interested in finding out the effect that the accounting standard FRS 3 on an entity’s accounts.
In particular i am trying to research how the adoption of this standard affects an entity’s financial figures.
Furthermore i am also comparing differences for companies reporting under IFRS then adjusting these figures to US GAAP.
I am also interested in finding out the differences form reporting under UK GAAP and IFRS.
I would be greatly appreciate your time and input in helping me increase my knowledge in the above areas.
Many Thanks