Sono una studentessa di Economia e Legislazione d’impresa, Università
degli Studi di Verona.
Sto preparando una tesi sulla proposta dello IASB di creare degli IFRS
per le PMI.
Volevo alcune notizie riguardo l’argomento.


I have been looking for guidance pertaining to the Information Technology aspect of IFRS.  From your email, I think you are concentrating on the business aspect of IFRS. Are you familiar with IT Auditing and the rules surrounding it?

Hi Barbara, welcome to IFRS List.

For all IFRS List members, Barbara is preparing a thesis about IFRS, and asked for info, resources links, about IFRS for SME.
IASB published a draft release of IFRS for SME here is the link:
Hoping to help you…

Thanks Simone very helpful !






Hi, sorry I am not familiar with IT Auditing and the rules surrounding it. Sorry for not being able to help you. Wish you a nice day! (^-^)

That’s really very good doc.

Thank you very much, Simone.