I  want to know more about IFRS, even though our country doesn’t apply it, but I am sure IFRS will be the leader for accounting world. At  first,  I am thinking of getting US CPA license, but I do not think it will be useful after several years.  please let me know if i am correct? and I want to know if i want to get license related to IFRS, can someone tell me what kind if license is related to IFRS?
and please tell me some information for it.
I appreciate it.


Hi Sherry, as far as I am aware accounting designations are still by individual country.  If you are interested in an accounting designation and want to ensure IFRS is included in the material studied then I would recommend getting a designation from a country currently on, or changing to, IFRS.  There are many, but you could try Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada.







Hi Sherry,

From your mail I am not sure how deep you would like to go in understanding IFRS. However there are some great eLearning courses available on IASPlus that gives you a good basic understanding of IFRS.

The link:


Click on the light bulb on the left hand side of the screen called e-Learning. The courses are for free.

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I would recommed you qualify with ACCA or CIMA. Those are UK origin

accounting professional bodies widely recognised all over the world.

Both ACCA and CIMA offers IFRS route instead of UK GAAP.

Good luck with your studies!