Dear All
I am going to attend a job interview at Deloitte about the position of Audit. My BA and MPhil degree are not relevant to accounting or finance, and I don’t have any background knowledge about audit. I know in the interview you might ask me to give some examples of working in a team or under pressure, and I can handle them. However, I do not have much knowledge about business issues or what exams I will take in the first year. Can anyone tell me how to get sufficient auditing knowledge in short period of time and do my interview well? I really need help!!!



Dear Peng,
I used to work at Deloitte, and I’m not a Certified Public Accountant, I used to work at Deloitte Chile and two years ago I was transferred to Deloitte USA. I don’t know what position are you going to apply for (is it a first year position application?). However, what I have to say is that Deloitte applies its own audit approach with specific programs which must be in compliance with auditing standards (international, USGAAP, or other GAAP depending on which country you are), accounting knowledge would be usuful, but at the beginning you’re not gonna perform complicated auditing reviews, you will probably start doing some specific tasks (like bank confirmations, receivables confirmations, expenses reviews (analytical or substantive)) but all that tasks are specific addressed in the Deloitte Audit Programs.
Auditing procedures and standards are specific addressed in the IFAC Handbook. You can google it.
Hope this information will be usuful for your purposes!


First, I think they will ask u about audit and standard of audit, then may give u case to solve it, actually this happened with me for first job in audit .