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IFRSLIST.COM | Bank convenants

Hi, I have just recently starting working in a country that is about to adopt IFRS (2009) and was wondering if anyone had had experience with possible violations to debt covenants during the transition period. I am guessing that clients will have to communicate with their banks about the impact IFRS will have on their [...]

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Hi! I want to know how to get related license about IFRS

Hi, I want to know more about IFRS, even though our country doesn't apply it, but I am sure IFRS will be the leader for accounting world. At first, I am thinking of getting US CPA license, but I do not think it will be useful after several years. please let me know if i [...]

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IFRS 7 disclosures

Here is a link to a free download of an IFRS presentation and disclosure checklist which will be a useful tool for your purposes. Go through this and it would be easier for you to adapt the disclosure requirements to your specific circumstances. Regards

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IFRS 7 disclosures

I understand you might not have any debt or financial assets, but as trading company you must have some trade receivables (trade debtors). The credit losses (bad debts) recognition/reconciliation is the something you need to disclosue under IFRS7. In addition you need to have disclousures about accounting policies dealing with financial instruments. Regards,

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IFRS 7 disclosures

Hello there i am new to the group !! I work for a trading company and was wonder what a re new disclosures need to made to complie with IFRS 7 as we dont not hold any debts on liablity side Best regards I understand you might not have any debt or financial assets, but [...]

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IFRSLIST.COM – Information

Hello i am a student from albania ,and i am studing accounting in tne economic faculty,in tirana part of our subjects we are doing ADVANCED ACCOUNTING,mainly speaking for the new international accounting standarts(IAS) and(IFRS) which are going to be practiced in Albania on january 2008.It would be very kind of you if you give [...]

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